Farmed freshwater fish

Farmed freshwater fish

Not only do we have trout and char, our tanks in Linfano di Arco, Biacesa di Ledro and Deva also contain different types of freshwater and lake fish. The most requested and valued are our carp, sturgeon and eel.


Readily farmed, carp are widespread in all Italian lakes, including the high altitude ones in Trentino. Its meat is nutritious and easily digestible.


A fish typically found in the Po, the sturgeon is raised in fresh water and can reach considerable size and weight. It is prized for its meat, but is primarily sought after for its eggs that are used for caviar.


The eel’s meat is valued for its unique flavor, softness and richness. A distinction is made between its types: buratello, medium and capitone, depending on the size the fish reaches. Italy is among its main European producers.


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