Lake fish caught on Garda

Lake fish caught on Garda

Directly from Lake Garda, all the freshness of just-caught lake fish.

Local fishermen use traditional fishing practices that do not harm the ecosystem and limit their catch to market demands.

Whitefish, lake sardine, tench, perch and pike are the typical fish of Lake Garda and are amongst the most sought-after and valuable.


The whitefish, called “lavarello” or “coregone” in Italian, is a silver-colored wild salmonid. It is covered in many scales and can reach 500-600 grams by feeding on plankton. Its delicate, delicious white meat contains very little fat.

Lake sardine

The lake sardine is a fish that lives in shoals at varying depths, depending on the temperatures of the Lake Garda waters. They are larger than sea sardines.


A “relative” of the carp, the tench is widespread in all European lakes. It has a medium amount of fat in its soft, delicious meat.


The European perch is typically fished from Trentino lakes and rivers. With exquisite, very lean meat, it makes for a tasty second course, served as a fillet that can be cooked on the grill or fried.


The “King of the Lake” is a slender, large, fast predator that can exceed 20 kilograms. The pike is highly valued for its lean, low-calorie meat, which is excellent served fried or boiled.


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