Natural and carefully monitored products

Quality guaranteed

The natural goodness of our products is guaranteed through our production regime that lasts 18 months for trout and 22 months for char.  We respect the time each fish needs to grow, ensuring the development of their unique organoleptic characteristics –  their flavorful, delicate, compact pulp, which is unique for its thinness and is rich in Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Water oxygenation and health of the environment

Electronic systems constantly monitor the oxygenation of the water and the healthiness of the environment in which the fish grow.

We carefully check the feed used, which is entirely based on fish meal and is subjected to periodic quality tests with the assistance of the Trentino trout farmers cooperative, ASTRO, of which we were amongst its founding members.

At every stage of processing,
our craftsmanship and experience

When the fish reaches its optimal size, it is ready to be caught and immediately processed.

All steps during the stages of processing take place in accordance with the scrupulous hygiene standards provided for by the HACCP protocols.
We carefully monitor each phase: the filleting, salting, smoking, marinating and up through the final packaging.