Trout and char

The best alpine fish, as per tradition

Spring water is optimal for the salmonids we raise: each specimen is guided through the different stages of its life cycle, from eggs to fry and up to adult fish.

In the tanks at our farms we raise: white rainbow trout, salmon trout, arctic char, brook trout, brown trout, marble trout, lake trout and Japanese trout.

White rainbow trout

A salmonid typically found in the Alpine waters and streams of Trentino, the white rainbow trout has lean, delicate meat and contains little cholesterol.

Arctic char

A highly valued salmonid that lives in clear mountain streams below 13 degrees. It is not widely found as it is difficult to breed. The arctic char is greatly valued for its delicate taste and texture.

Brown trout

The brown trout is an indigenous fish that is light in color and can still be found today in Trentino streams. It is particularly delicious

Brook trout

A highly appreciated salmonid that lives in the clear, cold, alpine rivers and lakes of Trentino. The brook trout is greatly valued for its unique, delicate taste.

Salmon trout

A salmonid with a delicate, pink meat, the salmon trout is actually a rainbow trout that has been raised on special feed that includes a natural yeast, which stimulates the creation of the fish’s salmon-colored flesh

Marble trout

An autochthonous Italian trout that can reach a considerable size, the marble trout is characterized by a variable color pattern reminiscent of marble. With its pink-white meat, it is a delicious and much sought-after fish for its excellent quality.

Lake trout

As rare as it is valued, the lake trout has an excellent white meat, which is lean and tasty. It is difficult to farm this wild species; it was selected from a strain of lake trout, as was once done in the weirs along the rivers.

Japanese trout

The Japanese trout, also called the “yellow trout”, is a true rarity. It comes from a particular selection of rainbow trout, which can also be found in small quantities on our farms.

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