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Fish Farm

Since 1963 the Armanini family has brought natural, freshwater fish from the mountains of Trentino into the kitchens of its customers.

Only the best fish

In the pure spring waters of Trentino, which run clear from the high, surrounding mountains, we raise the best specimens of trout and char from the Alps, as well as freshwater and lake fish. We offer the ideal habitat for the slow and healthy growth of the salmonids, respecting their wellbeing and natural life cycle.

Discover Trentino

The high quality of our fish ensures their unique organoleptic characteristics, such as their compact and delicate pulp, which is unique for its leanness and is rich in Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

From eggs to fry and up to adult specimens, every fish is guided through its stages of growth and subjected to strict feeding protocols. We never use chemical additives.

Craft, expertise and all-natural preservation methods are the essential ingredients for producing pure, fresh fish. Armanini fish are, naturally, good.

Each day, with much tenacity and determination, we continue to run our business with the same passion that fueled our parents’ success.

Andrea, Miriam e Francesco Armanini

Dal 1963

In the early 1960s Santa and Olivo Armanini decided to buy 5,000 square meters of land in Storo, in the beautiful Chiese Valley. They were drawn by the purity of the spring water, the ideal environment for raising choice mountain fish.

It was there that, day after day, they carefully planned and built the first non-intensive fish farm that recreated the incubation, birth and developmental phases of the wild fish that lived in the valley’s nearby lakes, rivers and streams.

Experience and reliability for over 50 years

The Armanini fish farm, one of the first in Trentino, has benefitted from the great opportunity to raise trout and char in pure, high mountain waters. Today Andrea, Miriam and Francesco Armanini continue in the tradition of their family business.  They use the best technology available to ensure their top quality products.

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