Smoked fish

Fragrance and flavour…

We process the fresh fish through artisan techniques which are well consolidated in our family and have been conveyed respecting the environment, the territory and the culture: after gutting, the fish is filleted and, through consolidated artisan techniques we carry out the salting process manually employing the dry method, in order to preserve the compactness of the flesh. The slow smoking phase is carried out employing aromatic wood sawdust from the Trentino region, avoiding the simpler chemical smoking process, which is commonly used for large production batches.

Smoked fillets are vacuum-packed, without any addition of preserving agents, chemicals or dyes
Peculiarity: cold smoking gives the fillets a slight smoky taste and makes them taste excellent with warm bread and some butter; hot smoking, an ancient tradition, allows to savour trouts and chars just with some oil.