Since 1963…50 years of artisan quality

Since 1963 the farm Trout Breeding Armanini, among the first in Trentino, intuitively recognized the opportunities offered by the breeding trouts and chars in pure mountain waters. Santa and Olivo Armanini decided to purchase a plot of land of 5000 square metres in Storo, attracted by the richness of spring water, the ideal environment for the breeding of selected mountain fishes.

It is here where they day after day planned and created the first not intensive fish breeding farm that reproduced exactly all the growing phases, from the egg, to fry to adult fish, of fishes that – not distant – live in freedom in the streams, lakes and rivers of the valley Valle del Chiese.

Andrea, Miriam and Francesco Armanini continue today preserving this tradition, employing the best that technology offers.