Genuineness and checks

Genuine and checked products

The genuineness of our products is granted by a production cycle lasting 18 months for trouts and 22 months for chars, thus respecting slow and natural fish growing times and ensuring the unique organoleptic characteristics: the unmistakable taste of a compact and delicate flesh, unique for its leanness and richness of polyunsaturated fat acids Omega 3.

Electronic monitoring systems are constantly analysing the oxygen percentage in the farm waters and the healthiness of fish breeding environment. We check accurately the fishmeal feedstuff, whose quality is regularly tested with the collaboration of Trentino Trout Breeders Cooperative ASTRO, of which we are a founding member.

The fish is now ready to be caught and processed: all processing phases are carried out in strict observance of hygienic regulations listed in the HACCP protocols.