Trouts and Chars

Traditionally the best alpine fish

Spring water offers the ideal condition for the salmonids that we breed: the life cycle of each single fish is carefully monitored, from egg, to fry to adult fish.


Rainbow trout – typical salmonid inhabitant in the alpine water basins and streams of Trentino region; for leanness and delicacy of its fresh, the rainbow trout is very low in cholesterol. (www) 

Brown trout – rustic fish still today inhabitant in the streams in Trentino, particularly delicious. (www)

Salmon trout – salmonid with rosy and delicate flesh, bred with special food: the salmon colour is in fact stimulated through natural yeast. (www)

Char – high-quality salmonid inhabitant in the cold waters of the mountain streams. Quality and sophistication of its flesh is unique: not common, it is particularly appreciated for the extremely delicate taste. (www)