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A treat for the whole family

Tender, lean and delicate in flavor, our trout burgers are ideal for the whole family – even children will love them!

Gluten-free and made from the freshest first choice fillets and extra virgin olive oil.

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Trout burgers

The simple ingredients of our rainbow trout burgers are ideal for a balanced meal. They are a perfect way to include fish more often in the family diet.

Made with the pulp of fresh, first choice fillets, they are cut by hand and processed in a simple way so as to preserve their natural deliciousness. Ready in minutes, they are a quick, tasty and healthy dish made with completely natural ingredients.

A frozen product, to be consumed after cooking.

After thawing the burgers, cook them with a drizzle of olive oil in the oven or on the stove or add a pat of butter and grill them until golden brown. Serve the trout burgers with vegetables or mashed potatoes. To make sandwiches, simply stack the patties with cherry tomatoes, Tropea onions, a delicate salad before adding some Tzatziki sauce, then accompany the burger with French fries.

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