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Trout speck

Trout speck

A piece of hot-smoked trout made with Trentino organic officinal herbs, an exclusive recipe and a limited edition.

Born on the occasion of the company’s 50th anniversary, it is the result of a careful selection.

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Only the best specimens of rainbow trout, six years old and weighing up to five kilograms.  They are cured by hand, with tarragon, hyssop and lemon thyme massaged into the meat, as they alternate between the seasoning and smoking processes.

The result is a speck for refined tastes. It has a particular consistency and offers a rich bouquet of aromas, which is enhanced by the use of aromatic herbs, designed to please our discerning customers.

The trout speck lends itself to various uses in the kitchen.

Perfect as an appetizer, cut into slices or strips, it is an excellent alternative to traditional speck, especially for those who do not eat red meat. The sweet hot-smoking conserves the proteins of the fish, which is rich in Omega-3s.

Trout speck is excellent paired with butter and spelt or rye bread. It is also fantastic served with a mixed citrus and fennel salad, simply seasoned with just salt and a little white pepper.

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