The Home of Taste

Tasting centre – guided tours

La Casa del Gusto”, the Home of Taste, was created in 2008 within the Storo farm. It is a tasting centre where you can sample and buy all Armanini products, together with Trentino gourmet specialities.

It represents a window overlooking the territory, discovering the local flavours of Trentino region. Guided tours of the fish breeding farms for groups, on request, confirm the sense of belonging linking the company to its territory, discovering the mechanisms ruling the production cycle within the fish breeding farm.


Info&booking: Phone 0465 685057 – e-mail:

Booking for groups: min 10 max 50 persons

Guided tour and tasting: Euro 6,00 (excl. wine and drinks)


Guided Tour and angling

RESERVATION GROUPS: min.10 to max. 50 people

1. EDUCATIONAL TOUR: Euro 4,00 per person


Euro 6,00 per person (fishing rod, bait and one trout are included)


Euro 10,00 per person (fishing rod, bait and one trout are included).

Tasting of Armanini “smoked and marinated” products (mineral water included)