Educational farm

If I hear I forget, if I see I remember, If I do I learn

Our commitment to promote trout breeding continues with guided tours of the fish breeding farm which are organized for school classes, in order to let kids discover the mechanisms ruling the production cycle of such important food like fish, from hatching to the final product.

We have covered areas equipped for educational activities: a meeting place between the agricultural and the urban, with a special focus on children.

As members of the Association Farm Holydays Trentino – promoter of Educational Farms – we promote first-hand the culture of quality and the believe n the value-added typical products from Trentino region.


Info&booking: Phone 0465 685057 – email:

Educational tour and tasting: Euro 6,00 (excl. drinks, incl. water)

Educational tour and angling: Euro 6,00 (one trout incl.), each fish ogni pesce in più Euro 2,00. For groups: fishing-rod renting incl.


Guided Tour and angling

RESERVATION GROUPS: min.10 to max. 50 people

1. EDUCATIONAL TOUR: Euro 4,00 per person


Euro 6,00 per person (fishing rod, bait and one trout are included)


Euro 10,00 per person (fishing rod, bait and one trout are included).

Tasting of Armanini “smoked and marinated” products (mineral water included)