Gourmet line

We offer excellent products that our family has developed over its 50 years of experience in raising the best quality fish while respecting natural, aquacultural methods.

Our products are selected for their connection with Trentino and its traditions and are designed for discerning clients: cooking experts, chefs, admirers of small-scale producers and high-level restaurateurs.

Cook and enjoy

Top quality, freshwater mountain fish. Our fish are processed and immediately frozen, to be consumed after cooking. Delicious products, processed in a simple way so as to preserve their unique characteristics. They are easy to prepare, so you can readily bring culinary well-being to your home.

Fresh fish

Every day we offer top quality fresh fish ready to be cooked and enjoyed. Our fish are sold fresh or frozen and in different formats: whole or already cleaned, as fillets or butterflied following artisanal processing techniques.

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