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Mixed fried fish

Mixed fried fish prepared Lake Garda style

Dreaming about crunchy, fried food with that unmistakable, appetizing smell?
Our mixed, fried lake fish are ready in minutes.

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Mixed lake fish for frying

A tasty combination of our freshwater farmed fish and fish caught on Lake Garda (in varying proportions). Great for a crispy, mouth-watering fish fry or it can be prepared in the oven.

Rainbow trout, arctic char, whitefish, perch and lake sardines: the fresh fish are filleted, some are also skinned, and cut into cubes before frozen, which helps them to maintain their freshness for a long time.

A frozen product, to be consumed after cooking.

Of all the methods to prepare fish, frying is the most tasty. After thawing the fish, bread them with durum wheat flour or semolina and fry them. Season them with salt, pepper and lemon juice and serve hot. The mixed, fried lake fish are also excellent for fish soups!

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